G7 Summit

Terms and conditions of use

  1. The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government (hereinafter “BPA”) has acquired all the rights of use from the copyright holders of the digital images, unless provided otherwise, e.g. in the accompanying image information.
  2. The user must comply with the image information and the respective restrictions of use and application. The user shall be liable for any damages arising from non-compliance. He or she must exempt the BPA from claims from third parties.
  3. The images may all be downloaded free of charge and may be used in the context of news reporting on the G7 Summit for the following purposes:
    - Publication in the press
    - Publication in print media
    - Use in film and on TV
    - Online and multimedia publications
    Any other use for commercial purposes, in particular for advertising purposes, shall not be permitted.
  4. Any editing, alteration or manipulation of the digital images other than colour correction, cropping and resizing shall be permissible only with the prior written consent of the BPA. Likewise, the digital image may not be reproduced out of context.
  5. Any distortion of the copyright protected images, text and any other form, e.g. by means of re-photographing, graphic falsification, photo composing or electronic tools is not permitted. The user is responsible for the caption.
  6. In particular, the press are obliged to comply with the journalistic principles of the German Press Council (Press Code). Permission to use the images does not imply that the persons depicted, the holders of the rights in works depicted or the holders of trademark or other property rights have given their consent to public reproduction. The user is responsible for obtaining the consent of third persons required in an individual case. The user must himself or herself respect the personal, copyright, trademark and other property rights of the persons, works, objects or signs depicted. The user alone shall be liable to pay third persons damages upon failure to observe such rights.
  7. The BPA reserves the right to follow up any suspicion of improper use or essential infringement of rights of use.
  8. Where a digital image is used, the source must be quoted as follows: “Federal Government/photographer’s name”. This also applies to electronic publications (e.g. websites). A specimen copy of each publication must be sent in print, without prior request and free of charge to the BPA at:
    Press and Information Office of the Federal Government, Division 204 (Federal Photo Archive), 11044 Berlin
    or as a PDF file to: Bilderdienst@bpa.bund.de

Additional Information